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    Aiheet - Nandeyanen!

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    Esittele itsesi / Soittakaa Paranoid!
    « : Marraskuu 01, 2014, 05:17:26 »
    Hei kaikille!

    Or something, I'm not sure about how correct Google Translate is, but it is what I've used to navigate this forum so far. That is, until I found the option to have the forum functions in english. Then again, I've been meaning to learn finnish...

    Anyhow.. Hello everyone!

    I'm Mikko from Touhou Sweden. Officially Nandeyanen! (which roughly translates as "What the hell?!" in Kansai-ben japanese). Yes, as my (actual) name implies, I'm of finnish descent. Sadly, I never learned the language but I might give it a try eventually.

    Hieda no Mukyuu kindly invited us all over and, apart from me, so far I see Gale has registered. Here's hoping many more of us find our way over here.

    So, who am I..? Well, thereby lies a tale. Perhaps not a complicated one however.. I'm 31 years old (ancient) as of this time. Former (current?) eternal student who finally managed to get his stuff together and get an MASc in business administration from Gothenburg University.. I'm still tying up my BA in Japanese Language and Literature and working part time as a technical support agent (i.e. NOC-monkey, which is good and all).

    IT as a business major you ask? Sure, it's awesome and there aren't many of my kind in the field. A lack of nerds in the business side of academia I reckon. Trust me, I've researched this stuff.  ;)

    Active Touhou-geek since about two years (yes, it actually started with a McRoll) and totally a crap player but still enjoying it every step of the way. I haven't got the foggiest what "flyger din trålare" means, but I might be able to offer some insight into... Well, something I hope.

    Cheers m8s!

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