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    Tässä osiossa voit tarkastella kaikkia tämän jäsenen viestejä. Huomaa, että näet viestit vain niiltä alueilta, joihin sinulla on pääsy.

    Viestit - Nandeyanen!

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    International / Vs: Nordiskt samarbete
    « : Elokuu 01, 2016, 07:06:25 »
    Oh my! I can just imagine how my summer holiday start with this kind of cruise. Sure the other season will do as fine as summer. I bet those finnish conventions would be nothing when compared a meeting up like this!

    Seeing as you sent over Habatsuki (And I believe there was an Orin as well) while we were bumbling around. I guess first mover advantage is with good old Finland. So I'm raising this thread again as I'll be bringing forth motions for an official visit on the next board meeting. Furthermore...

    But be warned! We've been lately pretty affectioned with heavy drinking



    In these times, who wouldn't

    and BDSM. :P


    International / Vs: Nordiskt samarbete
    « : Lokakuu 24, 2015, 05:16:56 »
    Just a quick reply and bump to let you precious lot know I'm still lurking around here to the best of my ability (i.e. none   8)).

    Just wanted to check with you if there are any upcoming events in Finland we should be aware of and aim to attend. That crossplay cruise is still on my book and would at the very least get me off my lazy ass in working on my Yakuza Miko Reimu concept.

    Happy trails!

    International / Vs: Nordiskt samarbete
    « : Helmikuu 23, 2015, 21:49:30 »
    I approve of going to Desucon this year, it would be the perfect opportunity to hang out.

    Also it would be a great opportunity to get the cooperative ball rolling for reoccurring events in the future. Perhaps we should start probing for interest among our members quite soon, like during next meetup. Gale?

    I just had a vision of a bunch of crossplayers drinking on a Viking Line cruiseferry on the Baltic Sea...

    Poor normalfags.

    I also approve of this! Zettai ryouiki and Koskenkorva is a brilliant combo.

    International / Vs: Nordiskt samarbete
    « : Marraskuu 22, 2014, 02:15:56 »
    Jag tror inte jag har hört att den svenska fandomen använder motsvarande uttryck. Personligen så tycker jag att Niobollen och Niogänget känns lite udda att säga på svenska. Ysipallo, Ysijengi och Ysilauta har ett helt annat flöde i uttalet så, i de här fallen så översätter de nog bättre till finska.

    I don't believe I've heard the Swedish fandom use equivalent expressions. Personally I think that Niobollen and Niogänget feels a bit odd when pronounced in Swedish. Ysipallo, Ysijengi and Ysilauta has an entirely different flow in the pronunciation so, in these particular case I think they translate better into Finnish

    Aliisa har jag inte koll på så ni får gärna förklara, för jag antar att det är finurligt.. Sirkku vet jag i alla fall vem det är.. 

    Aliisa I have no idea about so i'd be happy if you'd explain because I presume it's clever.. Sirkku at least, I know who she is..

    あれー‥‥ 俺がバカになっているらしい‥‥(笑)

    Huh.... Seems I've become the idiot.... :D

    Esittele itsesi / Vs: Soittakaa Paranoid!
    « : Marraskuu 22, 2014, 01:35:20 »
    Now I've tried out the Swedish language pack and I am happy to report that it works very well as far as I can see..

    I have found one issue though, the text colour "teal" is listed as "tegelröd".. As "teal" doesn't translate well into Swedish (Wikipedia says "teal" but I've never heard it used) I believe a more appropriate term would be "blågrön". "Tegelröd" would be "brick red" and actually closer to "brun".

    Just picking a nit or two..  ;)

    I also noticed that there was an English pack installed for registration, which I naturally did not see at first, but the hardcore version worked as well.

    Now if I were to learn at least as much Finnish as is used in the forum interface... Hmmm..

    Esittele itsesi / Vs: Soittakaa Paranoid!
    « : Marraskuu 02, 2014, 17:05:11 »
    Do you happen to be the same Nandeyanen who is the co-founder of Yuri-ism?

    Nope, but I know that's the dude who forces me to prepend my nickname with [THSE] on rizon..  ;)

    Esittele itsesi / Vs: Soittakaa Paranoid!
    « : Marraskuu 02, 2014, 07:28:40 »
    Hey! Bloomin 'ell.. That's a load of replies i a short time.. Thanks for the warm welcome!

    I'll make sure to answer the posted questions to the best of my ability. So, here we go.. :)

    What would be the color of your submarine?
    What animal would you be if you could be anything else else than a human?
    Favourite Touhou themes?
    What about arranges?

    Submarine colour would likely be woodland camouflage, since I'd likely strand it so I'd prefer not to be discovered while waiting for someone to tow me off..
    As for what animal I would like to be.. Definitely a cat.. I've worked with and owned cats.. As long as you're part of a human family it's quite comfy.. If you're on your own, you'd still be a competent predator..
    Favourite Touhou themes, well I'd prefer not to rank them but rather just post an exhaustive list.. Let me give it a try.. Ah, it'll likely be all japanese titles..

    上海紅茶館 ~ Chinese Tea
    人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女
    幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 ~ Border of Life
    神さびた古戦場 ~ Suwa Foughten Field
    封じられた妖怪 ~ Lost Place
    霊知の太陽信仰 ~ Nuclear Fusion

    As for arranges I have quite a wide area of preference, so where genres are concerned most stuff goes. Currently i keep playlist consisting of the following: A-One, Demetori, Thousand Leaves, NJK Record, Silver Forest, East New Sound and Tutti Sound.

    Let me flaunt my former answer in front of my compatriots..

    And I believe the proper response is Eläköön!  (is it though?) :D

    Demetori or East New Sound?
    You like it more raw or mixed?
    Can you play anything? Guitar, piano etc.
    Do you have plans or interest to visit finnish Cons to meet more Touhou-people from now on?

    And you have caught me in a dilemma.. "緋色月下、狂咲ノ絶 -1st Anniversary Remix" literally give me the chills with a side order of tears (insert swedish gay joke here) no matter how many times I hear it. But over all, I would say I prefer Demetori to ENS.
    (Addendum, as I totally misunderstood) Raw or mixed? The raw versions are blooming brilliant and I prefer when a mixer goes above and beyond in their interpretation to create something original. So, either end of the scale I reckon as long as the mixer dares to depart from the original.
    Instruments: I'm a bloody good vocalist. As far as instruments go, I do play the piano. I would, however, not call myself anything beyond "experienced amateur".
    Going to finnish cons? Definitely! As long as I can make them fit with my schedule, which is kind of hit-and-miss but I believe it'll work out.

    Who are your favorite 3 Touhou characters?
    How much Japanese do you know? How many kanji can you write by hand?

    Top three would be.

    Saigyouji Yuyuko
    Izayoi Sakuya
    Hijiri Byakuren

    Oh my, how much japanese do I know? Conversationally fluent-ish, depends on what we're talking about. Business matters and classic literature would be preferable unless you want me to go "a-no, e-to" a lot. Supposedly I know 1200-odd kanji, at least that's what my grades say. And I can probably read a few hundred more. However, I'd be hard pressed to write more than around 300 by hand. Kanji recognition software has made us all lazy, this includes ethnic japanese mates of mine.

    I also have a horrible (Kansai) accent which can be turned into (2patrician4anyone) Kyoto-ben whenever business demands it.

    Did I miss anything..? I hope not.. Thanks again for the warm welcome!  :)

    International / Vs: Nordiskt samarbete
    « : Marraskuu 01, 2014, 05:28:07 »
    Lainaus käyttäjältä: Janra
    "Niabrädan" kanske? Cirno kallas ju skämtsamt "nian" eller "en nia". I och för sig tycker jag att ditt förslag "Niobrädan" klingar bättre, men båda översättningar fungerar säkert. Jag vet dock inte om svenska internetkulturen har andra slangord för dylika forum än "bräda".

    "Bräda" brukade vi kalla BBSer på den gamla modemtiden så det tycker jag låter fint. Eller nå, somliga pratade om "plankor" men i min värld så är det ett större kretskort så... "Bräda" låter utmärkt!

    Nio/nia.. Jaa.. Niobrädan rullar fint av tungan så jag stöder denna översättning..  :)

    Och där ser jag att Gale har glidit in i tråden.. Prima liv!

    (Sorry, I forgot about keeping it bilingual when I wrote this message.)

    "Bräda" is what we used to call BBSes back in the modem days so I think it sound neat. Or, well, some people spoke of "plankor" but in my world that's a larger sized circuit board so... "Bräda" sounds excellent!

    Nio/nia... Well... Niobrädan rolls nicely of your tongue so I approve of this translation.. :)

    And there I can see that Gale has arrived in the thread.. Good times!

    (Dunno how well that actually translated... Oh well..  :D)

    Esittele itsesi / Soittakaa Paranoid!
    « : Marraskuu 01, 2014, 05:17:26 »
    Hei kaikille!

    Or something, I'm not sure about how correct Google Translate is, but it is what I've used to navigate this forum so far. That is, until I found the option to have the forum functions in english. Then again, I've been meaning to learn finnish...

    Anyhow.. Hello everyone!

    I'm Mikko from Touhou Sweden. Officially Nandeyanen! (which roughly translates as "What the hell?!" in Kansai-ben japanese). Yes, as my (actual) name implies, I'm of finnish descent. Sadly, I never learned the language but I might give it a try eventually.

    Hieda no Mukyuu kindly invited us all over and, apart from me, so far I see Gale has registered. Here's hoping many more of us find our way over here.

    So, who am I..? Well, thereby lies a tale. Perhaps not a complicated one however.. I'm 31 years old (ancient) as of this time. Former (current?) eternal student who finally managed to get his stuff together and get an MASc in business administration from Gothenburg University.. I'm still tying up my BA in Japanese Language and Literature and working part time as a technical support agent (i.e. NOC-monkey, which is good and all).

    IT as a business major you ask? Sure, it's awesome and there aren't many of my kind in the field. A lack of nerds in the business side of academia I reckon. Trust me, I've researched this stuff.  ;)

    Active Touhou-geek since about two years (yes, it actually started with a McRoll) and totally a crap player but still enjoying it every step of the way. I haven't got the foggiest what "flyger din trålare" means, but I might be able to offer some insight into... Well, something I hope.

    Cheers m8s!

    International / Vs: Nordiskt samarbete
    « : Lokakuu 24, 2014, 04:35:47 »
    Ja du Hieda, hvordan tillkaller vi ei nordmann..?

    Quick update, all in English for simplicity..

    I said I would investigate and results were quite immediate. As it turns out there is a touhou.no domain registered and whois-records were quite verbose, Google also helped. Apparently our westwardly compatriot is the proprietor of a company named Rumia Networks (which is also amusing in Finnish, but I digress). No digital means of contact so far and I don't feel comfortable calling the dude randomly..

    I feel a good old-fashioned letter might be called for...

    Danes and Icelanders are still uncertain..

    International / Vs: Nordiskt samarbete
    « : Lokakuu 24, 2014, 04:04:12 »
    Hallå, vad ballt, fler välkomnanden..! ;D

    Jag ska se om jag kan samla ihop fler av oss svenskar. Gale har ju lyckats registrera sig sedan tidigare vad jag ser så jag får peta på honom på Skype så att han bekräftar sin närvaro.

    Ja du Hieda, hvordan tillkaller vi ei nordmann..? Jag är inte på det klara med hur Touhou-communityn är organiserad i resten av de nordiska länderna, men det är vi ju här för att ta reda på så... Efterforskningar inledda!

    Hey, how awesome, more greetings..! ;D

    I shall see if I can round up more of us swedes. Gale has manage registered since before as far as I can tell, so I'll give him a nudge over Skype so he reaffirms his presence.

    Well Hieda, how doth one summon a Norwegian..? I'm not certain about how the Touhou community is organised in the rest of the Nordic countries, but that's what we're here to find out so... Research initiated!

    International / Vs: Nordiskt samarbete
    « : Lokakuu 19, 2014, 00:12:41 »

    Så har jag då hittat hit från Touhou Sweden och efter visst kosulterande med Google Translate och min finsktalande mor lyckats registrera och konfigurera ett konto. Således ansluter jag mig till den nordiska sammarbetstråden, så får vi se vilka fler som hittar hit och vad för tokigheter vi alla hittar på tillsammans.

    So now I've found my way over here from Touhou Sweden and after a fair amount of consulting Google Translate and my finnish speaking mother, I've managed to register and configure an account. Thus I join the nordic cooperation thread, so let's see who else will find their way over here and what manner of mischief we shall attempt together.

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