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    Aiheet - Gale

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    International / Nordic Touhou Event!
    « : Elokuu 24, 2016, 23:54:08 »
    Hello everyone, long time no see!

    Gale from Touhou Sweden here, it's been a while since I've been active here and the same can be said about our community going to events outside of Sweden (as Touhou Sweden), even though we've been looking at some events lately in Finland, sadly it has always turned out to be an economic issue among us, so no events could be planned. Know that we still miss you guys though!

    Anyway, this time we've been in contact with some people who are willing to put some money into it, and in an effort of making this happen we would like to know how many people would be interested in participating in an all-out Touhou convention, located in southern Sweden, Skåne to be more exact.

    Note that this is just in an early planning stage just to see how big the interest is and that is isn't decided who will be the main arranger of this event, should it become a reality.

    So yeah, how many are interested in seeing a Touhou convention happen within the nordic countries?

    Feel free to discuss!

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