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International / Hello, Finland Touhou Fans. 你们好!!
« : Tammikuu 31, 2019, 17:37:18 »
Hi, Finland Touhou fans, sorry for bothering you.

I am writing articles about the development of Touhou in different contries, and now is the Finnish term !! I have covered the Touhou info in Russia, Japan, China and Singapore. And I am glad to make an exchange for Finland Touhou info!

I would like to know the history of Touhou in Finland, how and when it came to Finland and became popular. How you share information, how many touhou fans exist in Finland............I WANT TO KNOW THEM ALL!!

This is a comprehensive process, I will have a lot questions about your touhou cosplay, anime convention, manga, music...... all aspects of Touhou. I wish to record the history of touhou in the real world like Hieda no Akyuu. The history should never be forgotten! This is not a easy path, but I would like to take the reponsibility and do it.

And I feel sorry that I don't know Finnish, and I cannot reply with Finnish. But you can reply with any language you want, I can take care of it.

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